Sunday, 29 May 2011

Wild Precious Elements of Art Journalling

Pictured above is my very first Wild Precious Art journal. I made it myself for my work on Wild Precious.I prepared the pages with white gesso and neo colour watercolour crayons it's not full yet but is getting there...i've some nice pages coming up inspired by the existing groups in the Wild Precious Studio.Since joining Wild Precious Studio my creative energy has shifted and I find myself tapping into a deeper part of my creative self that i was perhaps a little wary has been a truly liberating part of my creative journey so far.I hope to be participating in EFFY'S Elements of Art Journalling Course.I will be on board for July with this new journey in Art Journalling supported and facilitated by Effy.The studio and community at Wild Precious is a safe and nurturing envirnoment to practice authenticity in your art...i will be joining the course thankyou Effy x


  1. What a gorgeous journal!!

  2. Your journal is *gorgeous*!
    I've also found myself slowly feeling more and more driven with my creativeness since joining Wild Precious. It's a wonderful place to be a part of! <3