Friday, 17 June 2011

Altered Perspective

I created this double journal page for the beauty of sorrow blogspot.Underneath the first layer of Gesso are my morning pages for TAW describing some of my journey through personal sorrows....from being a wee girl through adolescence into motherhood and... shall we say 'beyond'.I usually 'busy myself' with being concerned with other people's sorrow's and although aware this is something folks 'like me' do it was still hard for me to go back and reconnect with my difficulties around bereavement and loss...Each layer on the faces painted felt affirming.I am new to art journalling the pages felt beautiful and affirming of my journey. I reconnected by reading my old journals/diaries and browsing my old photo's it was a sad process but the emotion was not as raw as even a few years ago the process was sooo acknowledging for me of my own healing and the 'beauty of sorrow'.


  1. Really love this !! Thank you so very much for contribution and my love to you in BIG HUGS :)))

  2. This is truly lovely. I read down further in this blog, and I have to ask, are you "Caz" from TAW?? If yes, kewl to find you!!

  3. Lovely eyes- so gentle and kind. She has motherly qualities.