Sunday, 12 June 2011

A Poem from the Past

I soo had to rack my brains to find this poem...TAW morning pags were hard today and this poem was sat in my memory banks as needing to be found...thankyou for the help from a Wild Precious friend i found it ....

Come Back

Deep inside,
behind that heavy knee I've got today,
lies another, smaller knee,
a little dirty, and scraped.
And within my fingers, all five of them,
lies a small hand, another one,
still a bit anxious, but warm.
And far inside my skull,
in the innermost part,
other thoughts are tingling,
odd and small ones, almost wrapped up tight, but they're still
breathing. Full of expectation, almost of joy.
Sometimes they itch -
they want to come out and play
hide-and-seek with me. Often - often.
But then they're suddenly gone. I can't
find them. So many years have passed,
so many layers of time
have settled over everything.
--- But come on back. Come on,
we'll run and hide,
every one, every one.

Rolf Jacobsen (1907 - 1994)

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