Saturday, 17 March 2012

Seeking my Muse

I love what Alisa has to say here I use everday things for inspiring my creativity...recently it has been 'little girl like' as i do have a wee girl that loves to art in my heart! rather than a very serious adult who struggles to be 'an artist'.....
Spring inspiration
The outdoors really gives me an inspirational energy boost...even just a simple walk in the fresh air ...when i feel the cool air brush through my nostrils and i feel my heart pound a little I Feel Alive and the next thing i want to do is BE creative!
birds singing... my cute cat finding the sunshine spot in the garden.I indulged my wee inner child with some play time with some cute papers and Hello Kitty themed die cuts, lots of glitter rainbows and rabbits n chicks...just little girl stuff ... it was fun.

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