Friday, 21 September 2012

Book of Days ......catch up

Oh wow what an amazing whirlwind of a few weeks ....all sooooooo full of joy and gratitude for me....sometimes i experience all my blessings at once and August and September have reminded me of that.I am filling my book of days ...but not really posting the pictures very much..For me my Book of days is a rather amazing revelation it coupled with my daily yoga is my tool to get through my stressful days of the week! it has therapeutic value and it isn't a pretty looking journal and sometimes i feel a little shy about bearing it's content ...its a map of how i experience life and being a sensitive soul it can all prove to be quite overwhelming and deep..however its purpose as being part of my weekly setting of intention and staying focused has really been beneficial.I put my self care intentions in my journal for Monday and then this weekI thought i would cover over the intentions as.. symbolic way of say i'd achieved them and i then started to add some pretties....I may not do this ever week but it felt right this week ...I loved these words they settled in my psyche for the week as I made my offering each day of this week in my yoga practice and i will be added it book of days page.."Stay centered in the beauty of the morning to be open for the blessings awaiting you as the day goes by........"

Last  two weeks processing of 'intense and joyful happenings' oh and my poorly week....i'd plans to create a lovely page with a postcard  from Edinburgh and still did my page with the energy i had ...I might go back to it.

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  1. Beautiful pages, glad you are having such fun with your BOD, me too. Lynda x