Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Marrakech Express..........

I am soo grateful for this precious life.......I have such energy and strength at the moment (perhaps the g.p was right about increasing the thyroxine ..and gosh being away from work should have been on the prescription a long time ago..)I've just got back from a 5 day experience of Marrakech...what an interesting place a sort of 'circus of colour, energy ..and game playing and good spirit' loved it .......The cats looked happy and the people did toooo....I didn't feel any of the angst I've experienced in other African was a sort of pretend place where even in the crazy hustle bustle I felt an inner 'calm'...I felt 'balanced' 'energetic' and 'content'...I didn't get wrapped up in the crazy haggling and the things that caught my eye where the colours,the hoards of little tajine stalls, the herbs spices and smells of amber, a 'handmade' journal maker in the Soukes ..some remnants of gorgeous coloured textured leather and the bizarre traffic system!

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