Friday, 21 June 2013

2.18 a.m precisely......

a quiet moment with a warm milk....n 'trouble sleeping' this is only my second night of not being able to sleep this week n thats good going......tonight the wooshes of adrenaline and anxiety needed a warm milk n a little blogging....ive two accounts of my feelings check in today one check in was full of happiness as id had an inspiring day yesterday.....but today im responsible for saying how i felt at an inappropriate time.....i want to forgive myself as id had no lunch n was harried but happy so  a little oblivious until reflecting on it after work....i blurted out something without thought....i am trying to use a little thought scanning n it has helped this week but im wracked with awful negative thoughts n i cannot beat the physiological fight or flight symptoms tonight ......but ive had a lovely evening im soooo convinced this is hormonal as well as stress related! time to read n attempt to drop off again...... come on cazzy just let it go xxx

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