Sunday, 1 February 2015

Spring is nearly here....

.... The season changes and although the air is still pretty fresh and a touch of frost or even snow isn't out of the question...its beautiful. The mornings are lighter the sunshine is more frequently visible than not and we are moving into an active phase of the year....
So today's me marvelous day off...I very nearly sacrificed to ride the rough seas and it's not out of the question that I may have to return to a full time working life...but that's okay I can handle it if needs must!
I am loving creating Mandalas in my journalling and today post my postcard mandala swap. I continue to be inspired and encouraged by Catherine Costa in 100 mandalas.Have been painting n creating lots of stuff not it's been great to get into the flow.

I have booked my first meditation workshop as this year as I set out to explore and focus on practicing and committing to it.A little apprehensive about the word commitment to this as so much changes in a working week. It feels like focusing on simply getting through a working day, eat, drink as selfcare in amongst a medly if other folks also prioritising their needs is pretty challenging but I am managing and only a month left of been betwixt work places then we will see what those choppy seas have in store for us yet again and how dynamics shift in some high winds!
I am so grateful for the better energy and strength thats come about from increasing my fitness .... again it takes quite a bit of planning but I am maintaining a good 4 -5 mixed sessions a week of aerobic and stretchy toning exercise!  Discovering the local liesure centre has been a real asset! So hey the right chemicals to survive my modern day life are swooshing around my body and brain and its not too exhausting when approached with a bit of balance ! So I welcome spring in with this little check in on my progress.... A little revisit to my 2015 word PRACTICE

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