Monday, 23 November 2015

Moving on.....

....letting it go and starting again this week ....slowly does it from an observers consciousness....plenty of self care to help buffer the exhausting effects of any drama....

self care includes:

Daily calming and grounding through some sacred practice like drawing a mandala, yoga or a mindful way of reconnecting to source.Work on cultivating a morning routine that might encourage more regular stretching and mindfulness. 

Venting and getting emotional space in my own way through perhaps,journaling,  creating part of artspread or walking briskly rather than mindfully to get things moving rather than festering in any non useful thought.Choosing who I might talk to and will listen and be grateful for any space they give me.

Sit with the emotion long enough to understand it acknowledge my needs others needs but be aware if the unpleasant impact on everyday functioning on dwelling on it too long it is not good for me to do this.

Be mindful of my physical health and that the ole ferratin levels are always very low..and take care of that thyriod....and body with lots of warm nutritious food home cooked one pots and nice baking made with love....a good 2 litres of fresh or warm water every day.

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