Sunday, 3 July 2011

EOAJournal Cover

Above is my progress so far with the cover of my Art journal for Elements...hope i've not 'jumped the gun' a bit but I have been desperate to try out 'Coffee and bubble wrap backgrounds' and to use some of my favourite stamps and handmade papers for Elements!

I have a real desire to have a sparkle in silver and gold throughout what I am creating for the course.I also am experimenting with layers of tissue paper here and stazon ink and pigment inks..i find the pigment inks bleed when i seal them with mod podge...unless i'm sparing and turn the tissue reverse side up with the ink actually underneath !

Yesterday Chel and wandered round the Food Fest in Leeds and some craft stalls...I found some paper that really drew my eye and i covered another of the recycled composition books into another journal...all bright an breezey just love the colours an design of the gift wrap and had to share it with you....

Both of my journals will have a band or strap around them to keep them closed i created one that was adjustable for the wrapping paper covered journal as i know they get pretty bulky as the pages are created!

Here's the start of my first page...inspired by Effy's video and incorporating the colours for the elements and the handprints...still more to add here but wanted to share my progress so far as next weeks blog entry will be a shorter one due to family committments...

Love to all at Wild Precious creative vibes to all in the studio xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Beautiful! I love the circular nature of your elements page and that stamp is yummy!

  2. Lovely page and your tree stamp is gorgeous <3

  3. Beautiful covers... but omgosh, I am *loving* the look of your first page!!

  4. woowha~ Beautiful Journal Cover and I'm drooling over your supplies !!! :D