Friday, 8 July 2011

Memories to help this pass....

I am not well and i could spiral into a decline in my head very easily as this is the third time in the space of 4 weeks i've had a nasty virus and i'm worried about my health......i am anaemic and have a ferratin level of 1 so know that with some iron this is going to get better so the only way to deal with a situation i have little control over is to focus on something good this instance it is this photograph from our holidays...
The afternoon pictured was idyllic i said to Chella this was my favourite moment of our holiday...we sat and ate her with a sea view after an amazingly long walk from one fishing village to the next down the South coast of Tenerife near Los Gigantes...I swam in the sea prior to us sitting and relaxing watching the sun set here as we ate and drank...this remeinds me of everything that is wonderful about life and living...easygoing time walking eating simply and being with the person you love and know is your soulmate.....I need to remind myself right now as i am feeling sooo very very poorly there are moments i just feel i'm never ever going to get better again and it is making me sad perhaps i need to art a little, but energy levels are low so sleep is more needed i think.In the meantime i'm going to remember this day the warm energising sun the relaxed environment i am going to fill my heart and soul with as much goodness from that memory as I can.Love life and sooner or later it will love you back.

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  1. Sending you many Hugs, Kisses, Sweet Chocolates, Love and Healing Energy !!! :))))))