Saturday, 5 November 2011

LIFE IS A VERB - chapter 1 inhabiting my story

Time only seems to matter when it is running out - Peter Strup

This delightful book by Patti Digh and the journey facilitated by the Wild Precious community is inspiring me to create some art journal pages about my everyday life...what better way to hold onto the joy of life in those dark short days of winter! How marvellous to feel it is ok to be a lover of 'story telling' i've albums full of my son and creating albums to hold precious memories for ohers brings me such joy but what about MY STORY i mean my real everyday story...Time can go by so quickly and when living each day as if it where your last, I find i am more able to live it with love and joy! as my mind is only focusing on what is real.... i would choose to live out my last day with remembering to breathe, i mean really breath to take a break when i need one,(my health issues have really made me have to do that and i am truly grateful for the reminder to go slowly and be gentle with myself), to observe and savour every playful exchange i see, let every hostile communication simply roll over my head,be able to speak out be authentic and true to me, enjoy the noise and tones of boyish banter in my house, savour each hug and cuddle, fill up on the feel good of spending time with my mum, observing every lovely facial expression, every little fouble and nuance that makes my friends and relatives the individuals that they are .......oooh i can feel myself living life with more intention already...I've started a first page in my Winter Art Journal for this journey called 'the joy in an urban life' will post a photo later...the background is still drying as it's made up of receipts, bits of letterheads,bits of bills...even have a photo from a CCTV clip me inadvertently sitting in the bus lane when i took a wrong turn in the midst of my brain fog!! and the penalty that came with it.... all a part of my everday life! and i plan to draw a beautiful flower emerging and weavng its way through the medley of everday stuff..cos that's how it is when i'm feeling the joy in my urban life!

here it is udated 18/11/11

I'm writing in my book 'Life is a Verb' and plan to 'alter' it as I think the author Patti Digh would encourges us to do whatever we wanted with the book to make it ours and part of our stroy...i love writing in books! it feels a little naughty..after all books are lovely thing and if it were a someone elses that wouldn't be allowed!but it's mine...and i'd been writing in pencil in the extra wide margins and had filled them with my reflections i'm gonna express a little more in a creative sense and stamp on the pages and embellish and alter them to represent what Patti's words and those gorgeous pages stir up in me ... Thankyou xxxxx

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