Saturday, 29 October 2011


So here we are i now have a break of 3 days which i sooo need.I'm hoping to have a sneaky artists date at my favourite craft store and visit a friend today.Mel is playing football and Chel bless him is away in Zambia with family as dear dear Ismail passed on at the beginning of the week.I would love to post a tribute to beautiful strong and loving Ismail, my mother in law... i need to sit with the sadness about her death and the gratitude to her.. and maybe paint and explore some more around expressing how grateful i am to her and how much i see of her in my beloved chel.So i wish to stay as emotionally still as possible and give my adrenals a rest from the ups and downs that the bodily stresses and strains my depleted thyroxine levels gives them.My treatment plan of acupuncture(beginning of week) , yoga class (mid week), reflex (end of week) and array of nutritional supplements n caffeine free days seems to be paying emotinal state is better but i do feel soo tired and sleeping is still an issue even without Chella's snoring bless him!I'm going to try to adress it as i need to feel rested over the next few days as i've a full 4 days at work to survive next week and it is as it always is!

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