Sunday, 23 October 2011

Preparing for the onslaught!

O.K after a week of vitamins and complemetary therapies i'm trying to address work with revisiting my psychological awareness!...i've always felt i am a pretty good judge of myself and pretty self aware...although this does not make things any easier for me when surrounded by everchanging chaos, conflict and deadlines..or lessen the stress in times of poor health However, i've been scooting around the personality and group dynamics quizzes and there's nothing new here i dooo know myself ...

'Your preferred leadership style is probably as a participative leader. Participative leaders achieve through people, through team work, and through collective involvement in the task. Participative leadership involves building collective ownership and commitment within the group. Participative leaders make people feel valued as an integral part of the team so that everyone achieves the goals through relationships and cooperative teamwork.'
..yep that is me...

My challenge .....
One of the challenges of leadership is finding the right balance between meeting your own preference needs and the needs of the situation. Too much emphasis on the former can lead to poor performance. Too much emphasis on the latter can lead to stress and executive burnout.....well i am pretty sure i fall into the later category hello there stress and burn out! are not friends just aquaintances that keep bobbing up for a feast!

Career Score
Nursing 76%
Training 75%
Teaching 70%
Yes I do all these things in my present role..... and am a nurse!
so this quizz made me an ENFJ wheras answering the next one around personality made me an INFJ... a moderately expressed introvert

moderately expressed intuitive personality

moderately expressed feeling personality

moderately expressed judging personality............. my carreer advice focuses around following a career path in counselling ...... so i could probably move closer toward this field in my career but my existing challenge is so how do I make it through work when bombarded by the energies and behaviours of stressed extroverts....a little but unsympathetic voice says YOU JUST HAVE TO MANAGE IT ! So manage it i will..... with the support of the universe and some practical strategies for self care.

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