Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Loving and supporting myself!

I had some unbearable energy and emotional dips Sunday and early Monday ...and my rational brain told me this is not YOU....I felt soo desperate and quite emotional at the fact this brain fog and moodyness was not moving..even after an amazingly chilled,good time with some loved friends and a massage on Saturday! honestly its a damn roller coaster ride up one minute down the next! Chella had guided me to The Wellness Centre in Leeds a couple of weeks ago... it offerred the opportunity for heavily discounted alternative therapies and the rest of Monday was then serendipitous as if the universe was answering my 'please help me out ' shout...i'm sooo grateful I had a pretty intense session of acupuncture...with a boost in energy levels which kind of interrupted my usual drowsy state and felt sooo positive.I've always been sooo anxious about the whole acupuncture scene i'm much more a REIKI sort of person but I was feeling brave after my 'Whoo whoo procedure' (after all having that done would have shot me into panic mode about 3 months ago but desperation brings about all sorts of courage !)I'm soo grateful to the tutor and students for the session and am returning next week ....I've thyroid friendly vitamins on order ( Vitamin D, 5HTP, CQ10 Enzyme,selenium ,B vits and selenium!)and am reading Dr Shames book Thyroid Mind Power...after surrender comes the emergence of a plan this is the way it is for me ...i have to return to work on Monday and face the stormy waters and relentless 'white horse waves' so need to fix the puncture in my bouyoncy aid to float(seafaring terms again!)

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