Saturday, 29 October 2011


Gee Whizzz i got through the week but boy did i need the reduced hours.I spent my half day in bed and arted a little on my latest pages that i kinda love a lot at the moment (and Effy at Wild Precious featured my pag too which meant the world someone else liked them too!).Most of my journalling has been just pouring out where i am at into my little concertina bound album ...which i've loved doing but it has been more about processing stuff and affirming my next steps...arting them out makes them quite real for me if they sit inside then they kinda stay there and the feeling of stuckness accumulates! I perused Adolie Day's beautiful illustrations and felt inspired to start to draw and then paint and my 'trio of thought' evolved..the pattern of 3 comes up quite a bit and i feel a real satisfaction and balance acknowledging three perspectives to 'things' i can't really explain it but i'll explore it's significance for me over time i'm sure(perhaps it's child, adolescent and adult, or a sort of 'innocence/wonder', soul and spirit).So i've still to complete my pages and I suspect there are no words to go on these pages..this journal is particularly word free there's only one page with words on so far!some ponderings are scribbled on the page but they don't seem to need words they feel expressive in there own right ...and i've 'My Life Sparkles and is Magic concertina album' full of ramblings behind the flaps on each page.... perhaps it all in there!

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