Thursday, 24 March 2016

A time of transition

Such a time of transition for all in my lovely small family....the past week or so has been so busy...I moved jobs Chella was made redundant after being under the threat of it for very long time...Mel finishing uni soon has lots of exams and is moving and will have transition also.....I've done an internal examination of fear and anxiety in my journals .... it felt a bit like overkill and some of my thoughts have reflected fear and anxiety and also a new shadow that I will call pride ...yes I think its pride or a sort of hardwired perceived need to be liked by others and included in things but do you know all the non useful thoughts around this are I think why I FEAR.. it's one if the things I need to overcome and I'm getting there and it s gotta be an essential on the journey to greater resilience and freedom.... With  lots of breath work in my yoga, exercising and walking I've felt well prepared and able to cope with this busy almost out of control few weeks. A few bad habits trying to rear there heads as my wee hardwired subconscious attempts to cope with feeling anxious and some annual leave is just the ticket to make sense and try to slow down enough to mindfully 'feel' and examine my wee minds inner landscape.

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