Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Spewing forth

Gosh I love my imperfect life but have this melingering sadness sat in me....I can troop along as things are OK! The energy in the world is on the cusp of something a bit surreal me thinks...however I'm content in my mediocre existence....and rather than rambling on I'm sharing bits of my journal that seem OK to share. I've been writing lots n lots n lots.. I cant sleep until Ive 'spewed' words out onto paper at the moment....never fancy words just reflective half sentences in gratitude n love alongside a the wee cynical analysis of my sweet mediocre existence.... and I'm enjoying trying to establish a routine of some meditation and chanting...!!! I've let that critical voice 'shouting me down' during  my last experience of meditation gooooo and tried again it's having the desired effect just gotta make it a habit! Soooo world on the cusp of something I'm not hiding but I cannot pretend to be something I'm not ...so spewing away in solitude is my ceiling....
"When my body is weak and my soul smiles at it....
When home is the sanctuary I call sleep...and it's silence wraps itself around me bathing every tender sinew and cell of my being....the divine glows and is all that gets me through ... warmly greeting me at my centre reassuring me gracefully that it resides here...whispering that we will all make it through the darkness by connecting to its beauty.. reminding me we are all evolving through healing , by leaving life , sharing our gifts and lighting the path of the journey forth...."

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