Saturday, 31 December 2016

Gratefully neuralgic to life?

Well I am pretty Neuralgic in the facial department at the moment around 4 days of worsening pain in waves throughout the day.... "would like to cry like a wee babe'  when I allow myself to dwell on whether I am just allergic to life? Well suffering and pain is all part of being human so I am surrendering as I can't do anything else...and I feel it will be transitory.. I'm hopeful it will be ....I've rustled up some aconite my wheat pack and the love from my good man (Chella you're my hero lovey).
Am sooo grateful for all that this year has brought even if I don't see the clock chime at midnight in a jolly way with prosecco and old langsym I'm still 'psychically' welcoming 2017... I'm grateful for:
-The energy Ive had this year to live my life fully such a lot of the time..
-The courage generated to take the risk to move workplace.
-The opportunities I've had for rubbing shoulders with like minded folks,healers,talented artist,old friends and sharing serendipitous moments with 'special souls'.
-The truth around my happiness coming from such simple stuff on my doorstep and accessible everyday to me.
-The resilience gained from being curious about my shadow side and embracing that.
-The freedom gained from Self forgiveness how liberating it is!
-The inspiration to work on forgiving others and understanding Shenpa.... touching just the surface of Buddhism probably in this lifetime but who knows I may surprise myself.
-My evolution in respect of accepting all that is..... so much more growth here in this lifetime I believe.
.....And the time....the time of my life through making time to breathe, to reflect,to develop my yoga and meditation practice  (yes it's coming at last from those sitting postures)....TIME to SIMPLY BE...
Thankyou universe and hello 2017.

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