Monday, 4 January 2016

A different approach to Morning pages in my mood journal

I would love to commit to morning pages ... but this has to be in a realistic way and as part of a morning ritual.What stood in my way the last time I did this was time and tiredness! I have pushed myself in the past with morning pages but it put me off a little as I've enough pushing and pressure in my daily life once I enter my work environment and my home and creativity is my sanctuary ....soooo here's my idea morning pages will be a brief check in of how I'm feeling and an affirmation for the day that encourages me to start afresh and be Louise Hay based in focusing on a little self love....I will do this as I drink my morning cuppa...and fit in move a few body stretches and a down dog before much change and a morning including more yoga and meditation might come with the lighter mornings in spring but right now I think this might be feasible! It's a start .....and I'm happy with that.

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