Sunday, 24 January 2016

Everyday Art journaling for january

..soo following my first page setting the theme as resilience for this year.. this is where my 'everyday art journal 'road' has taken me over the last 3 weeks.... the dreams and shadow work is something very different to this I journal scratching the surface of my life with awareness but not to much self inquiry ... It's a sort of processing of everyday stuff a way to practice gratitude generate some positive vibes to carry me on .. offer me some affirmation that promotes my health and well being....acknowledging the everyday  resilience I m soooo grateful for ....the deeper stuff is a more awakening journey and somewhere they will overlap,I think, as it seemed to this month with an increased awareness of how fear blocks ..... so I do plan to do a little more with 'my hardwired fears' cosseted by some therapeutic mandala work that enables a sort of safety circle in which to explore the shadows and the light .. the yin and yang... theres something symbolically safe and comforting about the whole represented when working with mandalas.... and i love it not as much t.v. or online searching.... yep some overworking at my paid job (yikes it's a given ) lovely group yoga short walks, adorable companionship of chel, morning pages and caring for a very poorly on 3 of her 9 lives puddy cat... a mixture of sadness, fear and other uncomfortable feelings .....some tiredness and an acceptance of it all as it is the way it is.... x

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