Sunday, 17 January 2016

Finding the divine....?

I felt the need to describe and maybe explore a little facet of me that I feel  has served me well in surviving and being resilient in the past and in acknowledging this i wonder where it might take me....sooo art journal pages here are around angels and the divine.I do believe that just as my imagination, sensitivity and over active thinking has lead to some challenging brain drain it has also served me well over the years.. from being able to alter my own dreams and nightmares whilst dreaming them to imaging being held safely in the wings of my protective angel when distressed or unable to sleep Ive had an ability to think myself out of  patterns that don't help me or seem to distress me since being a little imagination and belief in a positive,loving and powerful force has helped turn distressing thoughts and patterns of thoughts around and comfort me through them ....i adore this part of the human condition as we are all capable of it and it is central to my resilience.Im aware in the reality of this crazy world many would seek to criticize or even laugh about it and I have a shadow part of me that has been well and truly illuminated on and been put in its place does this tooo.... im honouring my angels in my pages today.My inner world is often my reality and im sooo grateful for this wee quality thats served me sooo well over the years and probably saved me from emotional and character breakdown ! I'm not religious but I sometimes think this facet of resilience comes from a human need to 'have faith' 'hold hope' and believe in this bigger thing and it's what gets us through difficult times and might be what underpins humankind being attracted to following a religion or faith practice......

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