Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Dream board phenomon

I would like to create a dreamboard but may not manage it this time...I have however chose 3 images of angels and wish to reconnect with my spirituality.A number of years ago this was such an important part of my journey as i was in a very healing phase .I gathered much wisdom and intuitiveness from the use of crystals, reiki and some deep relaxation and visualisations, i used my angel blessing card and a tarot deck to guide me. have never lost this i still remember this part of my journey as being soul enriching and really changing my life... it was such an important part of my life.My spirituality runs very deeply within my creativity and it was during this phase in my life that i rediscovered my creativity....i have not expressed myself fully for sometime in my work as i've focused on creating for others, which i love but I would like this new moon is a time for me to look forward to balancing my needs with 'others' needs... i will start to express myself again through my art work.

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