Monday, 29 November 2010

Week 14 What would ..errrr... do to be happy?

Read and recommend.... I may be slow at this one as i am a really slow reader infact i'd say i can only read when i go to bed so this will take me some buddy K and the book group have invited me acouple of times to join but i'm not good for reading and only remeber how i felt about the book never objective clever opinions about what the book was about but i might be brave and see if i can join the book this space.

The Happy Book: Week 15 from Jamie Ridler on Vimeo.

I listened to Jamie again and think i approached the previous task from a different perspective... again i focused on making someone else happy!
So I am re examining this as i do have someone I admire who helped me change my life
..Sheila... what would make her happy? perhaps a long walk in the fresh air some good company a clean and tidy peaceful environment, again.. travelling abroad,retreats and being creative, reading and being spiritually aware... I often think of Sheila when I am having a difficult time and I do think 'now what would she do?' .. what did I learn.. how do i tap into that self that i need to be or that part of myself i need right now..thankyou Sheila x

The Next Chapter: The Happy Book Week 14 from Jamie Ridler on Vimeo.

Feeling a bit stuck here need a little time to think about this one do i have a hero or heroine mmmm think i'd like to think about what my sister would do to be happy..we are two very different flowers from the same garden and i soooo wish she could be happy.She has a good life filled with going to the gymn, dating, going out and travelling but may not be as happy as we are tempted to think.So let me think.... she loves 'nice things' and she has an amazing figure she's worked hard on so I would love to be able to give her a personal shopper experience and shopping spree with a sky is the the limit budget.I think then she would love to have a holiday every month maybe a week in a sunny place to top up her tan and relax sipping cocktails..she has expensive tastes though so it would have to be the very best hotel in a very special resort!She would have the service of an escort every night to take her out shower her with his attention and take her to the best places.These feel like only possible in my dreams.I have struggled for a large part of my life in trying to think about what makes others happy was my job as a child and young adult ...but an impossible task as i find it is only truly oursleves that can bring about the feeling of happiness from within However, if it were about some more realistic ways of her achieving happiness i think the main thing is possible and that i would wish for my sister is to meet a lovely guy... the man of her dreams who showed her all the love and affection and tolerance she deserves and would share her life enjoying the simple things in life like love, companionship and perhaps the odd bottle of Rioja!I know she speaks of really wanting this from the bottom of her heart so i'm sending out good vibes that tis does indeed happen.

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