Sunday, 14 November 2010


I'd have a nice Sunday dinner ready IF only... I hadn't spent soo long perusing the internet and pondering life. (Then: will get changed and get a cooked chicken from Morrisons asap)

I'd have repaired the tie backs on the curtains in the front room If only i'd not found a hundred and one more interesting things to do this weekend. (Then:will enlist a little help from my DIY guru)

IF only I were fitter i'd have made it round that Horsforth circuit yesterday without having to stop and walk. ( THEN: will fit in another run midweek and up the anti a little)

IF only I had more time i'd have an organised and tidy house. (THEN: Take a look at the two areas i actually de cluttered and feel positive!)

I'd not be as stir crazy as I am.. IF only i'd gotten out earlier. (THEN: talk Chel into a walk before that Sunday dinner!)

I'd have finished that job for K by now IF only i'd not gotten into this rather ace game... (THEN: Crack on with the last two pages and binding tonight as it is a pleasure to do)

IF only i could find the picture hanging kit i'd have hung that lovely painting of my mums in my craft room by now. (THEN: Ask my DIY guru for a favour)

If only I were not sooooo distractable (THEN call it a day and get productive!)

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