Friday, 10 December 2010

My first Vision board

It was soooo satisfying and energising completing this board tonight it was the first thing i dived into the moment i got in from work!I had been thinking about my images and choosing them over the last few nights and with a little seasonal magic they fell together beautifully.I wish to keep a record of my vision baords throughout the coming year so i've out them in an album...thankyou for this great opportunity to join in.

What stood out for me about this vision board was the balancing feature of the legs and arms at it's base and an overall sense that 'perspective' on things is a pretty powerful mind tool! .... the images evoked good emotions, but i did choose sme images that evoked some difficult emotions i didn't add them as i wanted this process to transform my mood rather than express anything else!... and i loved the idea that i or a person viewing the board might feel a sense of holding or balancing good emotions alongside the sense that it is how we view things that colours our world, i guess.I loved the image of the old fashioned boys n gals looking at their distorted images in a 'hall of mirrors' it is something i remember from being a child...and the running person from a different 'glass bottomed perspective.


  1. Wonderful shapes! What stood out to you with the overall "vision"? Curious...