Thursday, 23 December 2010

My wish for you all

I am a little late with this! i'm not going to start to express how i feel about there not being enough hours in the day to do all i would like to do! it is still so important for me to make my wish even if i do not make it on time i am sending this out into the universe and i know it will be received as it comes with a good and well meaning energy....
I would like to make a wish ...i'm not so sure whether i can express 'what' i want to wish for.In the first instance i wanted to make a wish for 'others' as i see so many people experiencing so many different harshnesses, problems, and challenges.. and my heart really goes out to them ..although i know i've worked caring for others for years i've never ever stopped feeling like this...... it is a part of me...I couldn't possibly begin to explain in any depth the individual wishes i would like to make...Putting such a lot of energy into this does make me very grateful for those around me... my closest friends and my family as they are my buffer.. my support line and i sometimes do not have as 'much energy' as I would like to have for them...they deserve my winter wishes as well so here is my simple winter wish for everyone......
Wishes wishes.... too many... to few?
I send my warm winter wishes to you..
In these dark winter months i wish radiant warm light ..
The sort that shines through, warming a soul through the night.
I wish smiles and some laughter to brighten your day
A sprinkling of this chases the winter blues away...
'Someone to love' i wish will come your way
As caring is a gift that brightens any day
Snuggly apparel is a must in the cold
so wishing your wrapped up well as you step out your door
..and that there's a warm fire to gather round to soften a cold frozen core
These winter wishes are simple, i know
but may simplicity embrace you and help you to go with the flow ......
A big thankyou to all wishcasters and Jamie as i believe the community of wishcasting to be powerful way of realizing one's dreams .....

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