Sunday, 15 July 2012

Gratitude Sunday

The sun is shining the wind is blowing , the garden is lush because of the rain....and my 'sweet peas are flowering and bending ...and yep symbolising the 'bending' I too need to do to get through the daily interactions of life. I let my ritual of gratitude Sundays and intention Mondays slip for 2 weeks and have to say although i've focused on my yoga at home a little feels like a core stable part of me is missing! so my goal this week is to start to combine the yoga and my gratitude and intention.So today some sun salutions and a bit of vinyassa flow devoted to all i am grateful for.... Thank you Universe for the opportunities to learn and evolve this last week , Thankyou for my wonderful Chel n Mel..thank you for my sweet patient mum, thankyou for the health screening and prompt,almost serendipitous treatment of my bumps n lumps,thankyou for the celebrations around chella's birthday (i love you so much Chel i was truly blessed when you stepped into my life 23 years ago), thank you for the friendships and the reciprocal respect, love and help, thank you for my work colleagues who'm i respect as individuals and am grateful to for all the diverse challenges we have overcome thank you for the new colleague who radiates calm and healing energy, thank you for the new manager that listened to me and allowed me to work the hours I could manage to work without being poorly, thank you for the honesty shown when my car was damaged,thankyou for the energy to work a little harder for this past week and the awareness that this will need to be addressed to maintain balance in my life, thank you for the courage and calm to get by and for Sheila's valuable guidance in evolving..........GRATITUDE, NAMASTE.

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