Sunday, 15 July 2012

Intention Monday

Yoga set this morning devoted to bending and setting intention. I will continue to be kind to my body by drinking at least two bottles H20 plus 'herby' teas etc,have warm food at lunch time,and take a lunch break.I will complete my paperwork into the car before and in between contacts preventing distractions from interfering with my completing my work. I will leave work between 5.00 - 5.30. I will 'bend' in the case of harsh,critical or provocative words, I will see the funny side and indulge my sense of humour...I will laugh at least once a day!!I will continue with my goal of integrating yoga and intentive practice each morning,eat breakfast take my medis on time,I will see the herbalist tomorrow and work toward discontinuing these tinctures.I will make an appointment to have a medical check at the surgery, I will book ashtanga for Thursday..... I will look forward to Thurs as my day off.

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