Friday, 20 July 2012

Tarot of Transformation

Before I started my meditation day 5 and my yoga I needed to encourage a little insight todaaaaay....I've a busy head and love using this tarot deck to get some clarity when i feel like this...these cards drawn this morning did just that ....gave me some reassurance about the emotions and feelings I'm having ( permission to stop over analysing it and simply feel it in bearable quantities)and enabled me to see that simply feeling them and art journalling them out would be a good idea...alongside that the insight that the swords cards offered enabled me to see beyond that.....a bigger picture of what is needed the space the sacred time to simply be is a ritualistically quiet day and the joy and peace of mind that will come once these emotions are out and moved through (via one of my expressive 'vehicles'of course)not rocket science I know but to the busy emotional head full of thoughts jostling for attention light relief!.....yay for going deep and rolling with it thank you universe...............
now for meditation day 6 with Chopra Centre xxxxxx

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