Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sleepless with thought...

Decisions made quickly today and I can close the door on oppressed and excluded moi and have an opportunity to create a satisfying resilience building experience in a different work place.5 years coming to a close in 2 weeks...what a relief the learning has been immense I'm ready for the 'next leg'. Tenderness acknowledged by few comrades today and the usual neutrality from the 'sea dogs' ....  scratching at my ego but it's all open to perception... it will be over soon.
"The infinity of my soul lost in a whirlpool of thought but allowing myself to accept each feeling caress it and send it on its way....without a struggle I will emerge into the infinity of the night able to close my eyes on a reality that isn't mine..."

Night night sleep tight mind the bed bugs don't bite !

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